Cat Del Re


After being sworn to secrecy about her traumatic past an emotionally deprived housewife in 1950 has to come to terms with herself. 

POC underway, 2023. Feature film and development materials completed.

Gigi & The Phoenix 

Misfit and action movie obsessed Gigi is thrust into the center of her own personal action movie when she finds out her whole town — including her entire family — are all undercover FBI agents.

Part of a four film slate of female action movies under 10M. Slate financing underway.

When I Die, Take My Panties

On the worst day of her life, pre-teen Jen moves with her mother post divorce to a Floridian retirement community Flamingo Ridge. It isn’t until twenty years later, a failed marriage and souring political career later she finds herself back sorting out her life,  relationship with her mom and falling forward for an old flame. 

Hired by Jen Coken to adapt her IP with her writing partner. Currently market ready with  development materials.

Bloody Vamps

When her overprotective husband takes away her one treat, a perimenopausal suburban wife decides to make friends with her vampire-next-door neighbor, and their trip to the grocery store inspires her to do more than just restock on ice cream.

Thirty minute Pilot. Dark comedy.  Currently in Development for interested studio.

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