Cat Del Re

"I've never been a princess"

 Piggy Banks 

This award winning script kicked butt in the festival circuit. Now it's off to the races once again already securing four festivals placings.

Whitney is a defiant woman who will stop at nothing to find a way out of her hometown. 

No Love For The Wild: Music Video

A couple finds themselves at odds with one another, and unsure of where they will end up. Post Pandemic break up?

Antigone: A love poem

A spin on the classic rebel. This visually charged piece of poetry. 

The Star

A collaboration with my agent, director friend and an idea. Responsible for many an audition. It's the idea that launched the misfit niche. 

An odd ball professional channels something bigger then her that is set to begin the apocalypse and no one cares.  


The goody ol' footage dump of characteristic rebels and outside thinkers with driven alternatives.

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