Cat Del Re

Hi Youuuuuuu ,

Since I have ya here I will spill a bit about me.  I am an original who can't take life so incredibly serious all. the. time.., because I did that- it gave everything a gray filter and sucked the joy of a moment, cue sob's? No? We all have something we are growing past and into mine has always been tightly woven to expression. I am an artist, my professional medium's are acting, writing, and creative producing. Yes, I am also a model, how did you guess with these long legs? My leggy mentors are Jamie Lee Curtis, Gina Davis, Allison Janney and Cameron Diaz. They gave me confidence as a youth to begin the wild journey of being an artist. I am agency repped, union strong, and a partner of We're There Films- we are armed with stories to the moon and back, and we are having a blast. Story has always connected us and it is my passion in this life, for through it we can heal and come home to ourselves. 

Would it sound too much like a Tinder profile to add my hobbies? Does it matter? Nahhh. Keeping this date light. I have an array of interests from writing poetry, sketching, singing, hiking, photography- I do have a insta page of these cool misfits like myself (@mymisfits_la). I've learned about my sides practicing spiritual psychology, an entirely other conversation and one I am always open too. I am a slightly practiced comedian, on that TikTok now- come through for some oddities. My soulful practice lead me to be a passionate human rights activist with emphasis on women's rights, a homeless advocate and world explorer to learn through experiencing others cultures. I have my mom to thank for that last one, the woman was a ballsy journalist before having me.

That about sums me up. Kidding. I can't give all this velvety jazz away in one bio. I do however hope you find a piece of inspiration here or on one of my links. That is everything, isn't it? Connection.  

Ciao for now.

"In everything you do I hope you do it daring greatly."

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